Dr. Doom (Story series)
Real Name Victor Von Doom
Alias(es) Doom
Gender Male
Movie Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Game Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Actor Julian McMahon
Voice Actor Gideon Emery
Status Unknown
"Call me Doom."
―Dr. Doom[src]

Dr. Doom (Victor Von Doom) is the main villain of the Fantastic Four.


Fantastic FourEdit

Victor Von Doom is a science associate and rival of Reed Richards. He was born and raised in the country of Latveria, located in Eastern Europe. He was approached by Richards to fund a space mission to research the origins of the Big Bang. At this time, Reed realized that his former girlfriend Sue Storm was working for Victor. Victor was in the spaceship with Fantastic Four when they were exposed to the cosmic dust cloud. He, too, absorbed some of the foreign substance. As a result of his exposure and cutting himself on a piece of metal, he started transforming into a metallic humanoid, capable of controlling and harnessing electricity. The Fantastic Four showed themselves to the public and Sue and Reed rekindled their relationship.

Meanwhile, Victor lost millions as a result of his failed space mission and his company's stock plummeted. His investors cut funding and he was nearing bankruptcy. He adopted a metal mask and a green coat, calling himself "Doom". He attacked the investor that ruined him by electrocuting him in a carpark. He then kidnapped Reed and nearly froze him, but Ben Grimm stopped him and all four burned him down and immobilized him with water. Afterwards, he was transported back to Latveria in his frozen state. However, he was far from dead.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferEdit

Doom was eventually reawakened after the residual energy of the Silver Surfer passing across Latveria awoke him. He then traveled to the North Pole and attempted to form an alliance with the Silver Surfer. He refused and blasted Doom. However, this attack only served to heal Doom's scars and skin damage, though he still retained his electric and magnetic powers.

He then Deceived both the Fantastic Four and the United States Military by pretending to help them capture the Silver Surfer in the Black Forest, Germany. Once accomplished he donned his suit of armor and a new mask (both closer resembling his usual appearance) and took control of the Silver Surfer's board. After flying around and battling the Fantastic Four in their Fantasticar, they end up in Shanghai, where he impales Sue with a metal spear.

After her brief death (being revived by the Silver Surfer), the Human Torch absorbs the powers of the other three heroes (effectively becoming a version of Super-Skrull) and battles Doctor Doom, separating him from the board. Ben then comes from behind with a crane and sends Doom flying into a nearby harbor. His fate is ultimately unknown and ambiguous.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electrokinesis: After his exposure to the cosmic cloud, Victor gained the power to manipulate electrical energy. He could use it in various ways, such as absorbing electrical discharges from nearby power sources, shooting electrical blasts from his hands and body, affecting the lights around him, etc. It is questionable whether or not this is his primary power.
  • Metallic Body: During the same time he was exposed to the cosmic cloud, a piece of metal cut into his head that was irradiated by the cosmic energy, causing his body (his "entire, biophysical structure", that is) to transmute into an organic-metallic compound ("stronger than titanium or carbon steel, harder than diamond", says the doctor that informed Doom). This resulted in him being quite durable to stand up to the Thing's strength and gunshots from small arms fire. He was also able to endure the Human Torch's supernova, though he was partially melted. When rapidly cooled, however, he became immobile. In the second film, when the Silver Surfer flew over Latveria, he somehow revived Doom from his state of immobility and after being attacked by the Silver Surfer later, his skin healed over his scarred body, but he retained the metal underneath it in a deleted scene.
    • Superhuman Strength: Victor is incredibly powerful than any human being, he gained great levels of strength which are non-human, and thus he has the ability to flip the Thing to the ground. This enhanced strength may have been caused by his transmuted body becoming metallic.



  • According to a deleted scene in Rise of the Surfer, Doom still retailed his metallic affliction, but hid under a synthetic skin he wore, indicating that, while he was healed of his skin injuries, he wasn't rid of his metallic condition.
  • Unlike the comics, in the movies, he doesn't adopt the alias of "Dr. Doom", he just decides to go by his surname "Doom" and adopts it as his current alias.
    • However, during the scene where he was torturing Reed, he did refer to them both as doctors.
  • In the first film, as time progressed before he used Reed's machine to complete his transformation, the scar on Victor's head got larger, presumably from every time he used his electrical powers.
  • While the Fantastic Four's powers revolve around the four classic elements, Doom's usually revolve around the Chinese fifth element: Metal.

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