Reviews for Fantastic Four.

  • "Marvel Comics continues to empty out its stable of superheroes with this entertaining tale." - J. R. Jones Chicago Reader
  • "Before the inevitable and surprisingly anticlimactic battle with Doom, we are treated to two extreme-sports demonstrations, several training montages, [and] an ill-advised love triangle." - Matt Singer Village Voice
  • "Bland performances throughout. And really, who wants to make Jessica Alba the invisible girl? What a bad idea. I want her to be visible at all times."- Richard Roeper Ebert & Roeper
  • "It exists largely to entertain and delight, which used to be precisely what summer blockbusters were engineered to do." - Stephanie Zacharek
  • "Not all comic-book films have to be as weighty and angst-filled as a graphic novel. Fantastic Four is neither fantastic nor incredible, but it's entertaining nonetheless." - Russ Breimeier Christianity Today

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