Hager (Story series)
General Hager
Real Name General T. Hager
Gender Male
Movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Actor Andre Braugher
Status Deceased
General Hager was a high ranking officer in the United States Army and a fellow college student of Mr. Fantastic.


Early LifeEdit

Hager went to the same high school as Reed Richards. He was a jock and the quarterback of the school's football team. Years later, he was charged with overseeing a missile defense system, but the project was terminated after Reed advised the military against the project. This served only to fuel the rivalry between himself and Richards.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferEdit

Hager was appointed head of a team to try and track the causes of recent cosmic shifts in the Earth's planetary environment. He assembles a team ho assist him, including Frankie Raye, and immediately visits the Baxter Building and requests he help the military, though he refuses, wanting to concentrate on his wedding. when the Silver Surfer is revealed to be responsible for the anomalies, Hager enlists the Fantastic Four to help stop him.

He takes the quartet to London, where they unsuccessfully attempt to capture the Silver Surfer. He then enlists the help of Victor Von Doom who plans a way to separate the Surfer from his board. He is later stared down by Reed in the Black Forest, Germany, where the Surfer makes contact with Sue Storm and detained.

Hager takes, the Silver Surfer to be interrogated in Siberia and imprisoned the Fantastic Four as well. Later, Dr. Doom steals the Surfer's powers and breaks free. Hager shoots his pistol at Doom, but to no avail. Doctor Doom used the cosmic powers of the Surfer's board to kill Hager.


  • Director Tim Story stated that General Hager is "an old acquaintance of Reed Richards and one of the major additions to the movie".
  • General Hager was originally supposed to be Nick Fury, but this had to be changed at the last minute due to rights issues (Fox owns film rights to the Fantastic Four, while Marvel Studios has rights to Fury). It's especially obvious since one of Hager's conversations with Mr. Fantastic is taken almost word-for-word from a conversation between Mr. Fantastic and Nick Fury in Ultimate Extinction #2.