Harvey Allen (Trank series)
Real Name Harvey Allen
Gender Male
Movie Fantastic Four
Actor Tim Blake Nelson
Status Deceased
"You're depending on these guys? A guy who can stretch, A girl I can't see, A human torch... I don't even know what he is."
―Harvey Allen[src]

Harvey Allen was a government agent.


Fantastic FourEdit

Harvey Allen and other military officials met with Dr. Franklin Storm to discuss funding his experiment to transport people to another dimension. Harvey notes his doubts in Franklin, mentioning that he was given a great sum of money to achieve this goal last time and criticizes Franklin's choice of letting Victor Von Doom on the team noting how he set his lab on fire before leaving. Franklin assured them he would oversee Victor personally. Eventually, they all agreed to fund the project which was a success thanks to Franklin's children, Johnny and Sue Storm, Victor, and newly recruited prodigy Reed Richards. Harvey thanked them but told them they would not be going on the actual excursion. Reed, Victor, and Johnny disobeyed this and used the teleporter with Reed inviting his best friend Ben to come along. A crisis occurred however and Victor was seemingly killed, while Johnny, Reed, and Ben, along with Sue who managed to bring them back where affected with strange and unique powers. The four were then put in government custody, however, Reed managed to escape. Harvey went to Ben who had been turned into a super strong almost invulnerable rock creature and told him that Reed had abandoned him and would not be coming back but assured him that scientists would fix him but until a cure could be found Ben would have to work for the government on assignments. A year later Allen presented to military officials the powers of Sue, Johnny, and Ben. Later when Reed was located Allen sent Ben in to capture him who successfully captured him. Allen had Reed fix the teleporter, who easily fixed it. Harvey then sent a team over, who discovered Victor. Bringing him back, Allen tried to question Victor about the dimension. Victor responded that the dimension had saved him. He then proceeded to kill Harvey by making his head explode.



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