Invisible Woman (Sassone series)
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Real Name Susan Storm
Alias(es) Invisible Woman
Gender Female
Movie The Fantastic Four
Actor Rebecca Staab
Status Alive

Susan Storm, also known as the Invisible Woman, is a member of the Fantastic Four.


The Fantastic FourEdit

Susan Storm, more commonly know as Sue Storm is the daughter of Mary Storm, and sister to Johnny Storm. As a young girl, she's deeply in love with the college student her mother is renting a house to, Reed Richards.

Ten years after Richards' first experiment with the comet Colossus, Susan is chosen as one of the crewmembers for the second experiment, since she knows every detail of Reed's research, despite not being a physician. When the spaceship they were on crashes because of The Jeweler's sabotage, Sue thinks she's unharmed, but, when she meets her teammates, she finds out that she's become invisible to them, and manages to reappear only in two moments. That night she sleeps with Richards, and the two of them start building a solid relationship.

The morning after, Dr. Doom, disguised as a Government agent to "save" them, and the team is brought to a secret lab, where Sue scares the scientist who has to analyze her becoming invisible in front of him. When the four of them realize that something's wrong with their forced stay in the lab and decide to escape, Sue turns invisible and knocks out a guard with a punch, despite this hurting her hand. During the following battle with some of Dr. Doom's guards, Sue knocks out a pair of them by turning invisible, avoiding their attack and making them shooting one another.

Back in the Baxter Building, Sue tailors some uniforms for the team, blue and white with a "4" on them, following her mother's saying of them as the "Fantastic Four". Later, she helps Reed with his researches on themselves, and helps him understand that their powers are an amplification of their own characters. When, after a solo period, The Thing comes back to his teammates and Dr. Doom challenges the Fantastic Four, Sue goes to Latveria with the others.

At Castle Doom, the team is easily captured by one of Doom's devices, but freed by Mr. Fantastic's powers. Sue learns a new power, and knocks some Doom's men out using invisible force fields. She later reaches Richards, who's just witnessed to Doom's apparent death.

Back in the USA, Sue and Reed finally marry, and leaves for a Honeymoon with their friends cheering them.


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