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MK457 Heat Seeking Missile
MK457 Heat Seeking Missile
Creator Von Doom Industries
Owners Von Doom Industries
Users Dr. Doom
Movie Fantastic Four
Status Inactive

The MK457 Heat Seeking Missile is a weapon created by Von Doom Industries. The weapon was a result of one of Von Doom Industries defense contracts. It's a missile launcher with heat-seeking capabilities. The targeting scope can detect a target as far away as 1024m or more. When the target is locked the scope will read 'Heat Sensor: Locked'. The targeting system also seems to be able to target the enemy by name, as seen when Doom input the targets name as 'Johnny Storm'.

When fired, the missile can smash through a window without losing momentum or exploding. The target also does not have to remain stationary in order for the missile to hit it, as when The Human Torch jumped off the Baxter Building the missile followed close behind him. The heat-seeking system is also very well designed as seen when Johnny Storm 'flamed off' and threw a fireball into the sky. The missile followed it but would soon re-acquire Johnny again.

The only way to stop the missile from hitting its intended target it seems is to create a heat source that burns hotter than you and be near enough to it to prevent the missile from missing your trap. This was seen when Johnny set a garbage barge on fire to trick the missile, although the explosion did knock him out of the sky.


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