Ned Cecil (Story series)
Ned Cecil
Real Name Ned Cecil
Gender Male
Movie Fantastic Four
Actor Michael Kopsa
Status Deceased

Ned Cecil was a New York investment banker.


Fantastic FourEdit

Ned Cecil was in charge of a bank funding Von Doom Industries. When the company's stocks fell enormously, he led the other stockholders in withdrawing their money from the company. He calls Victor Von Doom to the bank and informs him that the bank is pulling out.

Later, after Victor's powers began to manifest, Cecil went to his car in the parking lot of the building he works in. He notices the lights eerily flickering and then sees somebody in the distance. The man turns out to be Victor. Cecil tells him there should be no hard feelings about the withdrawal, but in mid speech, Victor electroshocks him with his lightning bolts.

He was last seen with a hole in his chest on the parking lot level he was killed in by Doom.