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The Fantastic Four on Planet Zero.

Planet Zero is a newly discovered planet in an alternate dimension visited by the human race once they had managed to achieve interdimensional travel through the use of a technological advancement called a quantum gate. It is almost primordial in its initial appearance and possesses elements unknown to humans. No known lifeforms, flora or fauna, exist anywhere on Planet Zero.

Victor von Doom, upon getting injured and left behind by Reed, Ben and Johnny during their first visit to the planet, is infused with power and survived there for over a year, while the other three and Sue (who doesn't go to Planet Zero) are returned to Earth and develop their own powers.

When they return to Planet Zero over a year later, they discover that the landscape is different, more severe, and find Victor, alive, and bring him back to Earth. But when Victor returns to Planet Zero with the intent to destroy Earth, the Fantastic Four work together and stop him by throwing him into the portal he created to absorb the matter and energy from Earth before escaping back to Earth in the closing portal.

At present, it's currently unknown what state of being Planet Zero is in or if any plans to go back to it are in progress.


Planet Zero, based on its initial encounter, consisted on mountainous terrain and small pools of green, lava-like liquid.

Flora and FaunaEdit

There is no known trace of plant or animal life located on Planet Zero. Only Inhabited by Doctor Doom until death.


  • Exposure to the planet's energy and matter is what gave the Fantastic Four and Doom their abilities.
    • With the exception of Susan Storm, whose powers come from the Quantum Gate.
  • It was believed by Franklin Storm that the resources of Planet Zero could help revitalize the resources of the Earth and improve human knowledge.
  • It is unknown what the actual size of the planet is.
  • It is possible that it revolves around a sun, as there is daylight seen.