Puppet Master (Story series)
Puppet Master Story series
Real Name Phillip Masters
Alias(es) Puppet Master
Gender Male
Movie Fantastic Four (mentioned)
Game Fantastic Four
Voice Actor James C. Mathis III
Status Alive
Next time, fantastic fools, the Puppet Master will not fail.
―Puppet MasterFantastic Four (2005 Video Game)

Puppet Master (Phillip Masters) is the stepfather of Alicia Masters.


Fantastic FourEdit

The Thing visited Alicia's lab and saw some puppets one the wall. When he asked her about them, she replied that they belonged to her stepfather.

Fantastic Four (2005 Video Game)Edit

He sent several exhibits at a museum (ex. mummies and dinosaurs) after the heroes to protect Alicia. In the end, after the heroes destroyed the statue of Horus, he escaped to the back door. The heroes aren't aware that he was responsible for the disaster, believing it instead to be a side-effect of the cosmic rays that gave them their powers. He uses radioactive clay to control whoever he chooses. This is probably how he made the exhibits in the museum come to life and attack the Fantastic Four.


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