The Quantum Gates were a series of specially-designed vehicles meant for interdimensional travel between Earth and Planet Zero, which resided in another dimension.


Version OneEdit

The first Quantum Gate is seen in Reed's garage, shown to Ben Grimm by Reed Richards to show what it was he was working on, initially believed to be a teleporter.

It is composed of many different pieces of materials and was able to blackout an entire neighborhood upon activating for the first time, but only for a moment due to lack of power.

Version TwoEdit

The second version of the gate was made seven years later, shown during a science fair by Reed and Ben, where they meet Franklin Storm, who invites Reed to the Baxter.

It was a refined version of the original Gate, requiring a computer and less materials to create it.

Version ThreeEdit

The third version of the gate was developed in the Baxter by Reed and comp., which was later used to transport a chimpanzee to Planet Zero and back to Earth. Then, it was used by Reed, Ben, Johnny and Victor, who, along with Sue, were exposed to the energy of the planet and the gate, respectively, bestowing upon them powers.

Version FourEdit

The fourth version, a streamlined version of the third version, was made by the government in Area 57, but wasn't made operational because the military needed Reed's help to make it so, allowing them to get to Planet Zero, where they find Victor alive.

Version FiveEdit

When Victor chooses to return to Planet Zero, he overloads and destroys the gate and creates a larger one out of matter and energy, intending to destroy the Earth and use its matter. When the Fantastic Four defeat Doom, the portal seals itself and they escape Planet Zero back to Earth.

It required at least three pillars of stone and a ring of energy and stone fragments in addition to the overloaded Quantum Gate made by the military. It also required Doom to be connected to it in order to control it.


  • There were four versions of the Quantum Gates shown in the film. The design of the gates were based off of the teleporter from The Fly.
  • The Quantum Gate is how Sue got her powers.
  • Reed thought the fourth version was ugly.

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