The Jeweler (Sassone series)
Real Name Unknown
Gender Male
Movie The Fantastic Four
Actor Ian Trigger
Status Alive

The Jewler is the disfigured subterranean who kidnapped Alicia Masters.


The Fantastic FourEdit

The Jeweler is a horribly disfigured, short man who lives in the sewers beneath New York City. One night while Alicia Masters is sculpting a statue of Ben Grimm's face, she is secretly watched by The Jeweler, who becomes an admirer of her. He then sets about stealing a large diamond to present to her, in the hopes of winning her affection.

Alicia was then kidnapped by the Jeweler's men. Taken to the sewers, where The Jeweler himself reveals to her that he plans to make her his bride. When he's dressed her as a bride and is about to marry her, Dr. Doom and his army breaks in the Jeweler's lair in search of the diamond. They in turn, kidnap Alicia and defeat The Jeweler and his men.


  • The Jeweler is based on the Fantastic Four comic book villain The Mole Man.

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