Toby Kebbell
Toby Kebbell
Movie Fantastic Four
Character Victor von Doom/Dr. Doom

Toby Kebbell portrayed Victor von Doom/Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four. Kebbell was reported to have played the role of Dr. Doom as new and refreshing for fans of the comic, but was upset as his character didn't get enough screen time due to studio interference, his scenes were cut short, because of pacing and budgetary concerns.

Kebbell had to learn to speak with a slight German American accent to help portray the character's country of origin. Kebbell had expressed interest in starring in the sequel, but the film bombed at the box office, and the sequel was cancelled.

He stated that the original cut of the film was 140 minutes and that he and the cast loved it. But when the studio cut out 33 minutes, he was disappointed that this version will never be seen by fans of the comic nor has it been released on DVD.

Actor Mads Mikkelson was reported to have walked out of the audition for Doom, calling the script "mad" and "wrong" , as they were looking for someone who was 30 years younger. Eddie Redmayne, Sam Riley, and Dormhall Gleeson were considered before Kebbell was considered.

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