Whenever the Fantastic Four go into combat, they have specialist uniforms required for their mutation. Throughout the released films, there has been many different re-designs.

The Fantastic FourEdit

In the first adaptation, the uniforms were designed by the Invisible Woman, after her mother called them the Fantastic Four. Sue Storm added the number 4 to the uniforms due to the team name.

Fantastic FourEdit

The uniforms were originally designed by Victor Von Doom for their project into space. The synthetics acted as a second layer of skin, therefore adapting to the body's individual needs.

When the cosmic storm hits, their uniforms became exposed, therefore adapting to the individual's mutation. Reed's stretches and expands as his body does, Sue's turns invisible along with her skin, and Johnny's is fireproof. These would prove quickly indispensable, due to the fact the Fantastic Four's more dangerous powers (such as Johnny's) constantly destroyed their normal clothing. They would begin to always wear the skintight suits under other clothes.

Reed Richards later learnt that the synthetics in the uniform adapted to their needs, so he adapted the designs and produced a uniform for each member of the team. Ben Grimm, however, was unable to wear the uniform due to his increase in size and mass, so only wore half of the uniform.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferEdit

The team wear the same uniforms as before. Also Johnny Storm endorses a new uniform with a lot of promotions by leading retailers. However, none were taken on, subsequently never producing or using the uniforms beyond Johnny showing it off. 

Fantastic FourEdit

The team's uniforms are containment and beta suits, designed to stabilize and control each individual's mutation. Johnny's being made of fire-proof materials, Sue's being made of materials that can turn invisible with her, and Reed's being designed to keep him together. Ben is the only member who doesn't receive a uniform due to the extremity of his own mutation.