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  • Dark Knight of Krypton

    Hi guys Dark Knight here

    In this blog I wanted to talk about Doctor Doom, (one of my favourite Marvel Characters) and his portrayal in the fantastic Four movies so far. This is sort of a essay but I'll try to keep it brief. Basically In the past year or so upon reflecting on the Story series, the Trank series and the Sassone series i've come to realise that Fox can get Doom right and they have pretty much all the elements of Doom's charcter over the course of every reboot.

    First of let's start with the Sassone Series. Now I've only seen the movie once but I learned enough about him to warrant discussing him. I all honesty in terms of accuracy to the comic origin/character, the Sassone Doom is probably the most accurate. For example, Doom being…

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  • Dark Knight of Krypton


    November 11, 2017 by Dark Knight of Krypton
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