Just recently I've been reflecting on the 1994 film The Fantastic Four. Looking back, it wasn't as bad as it's rep. The CGI was pretty well done considering the miniscule budget, and the limited technology of its day. The stretch effects of Mr. Fantastic were half believable and the Human Torch's flame effects were good. The Thing's costume sucked though. Personally, the real stand out was the story. It was twice the script the 2005 reboot was, just with a bunch of B-grade actors.

Dr. Doom's character was cool, exactly the way he should have been in the 2005/2007 films, i.e. actually like he is in the comics. The character of "The Jeweler" really just should've been the Mole Man from the comics, especially considering he is the first foe the Four faced in the comics. Fingers crossed the 2015 reboot will be the Fantastic Four film we've all been waiting for and deserve! Kiwichris (talk) 09:36, December 30, 2013 (UTC)