Von Doom Industries Space Station (Story series)
Von Doom Industries Space Station
Location Earth Orbit
Affiliation Von Doom Industries
Movie Fantastic Four

The Von Doom Industries Space Station is a research station in Earths orbit owned by Von Doom Industries. It has a dock for space shuttles, an airlock for space walks, a main control room, artificial gravity and possibly accommodation for personnel. It would receive upgraded shielding, designed by Reed Richards and funded by Victor Von Doom, in order to protect them from a Cosmic Radiation storm they were doing an experiment on.

However miscalculations in the shielding and the storms arrival, led to the radiation mutating Reed, Victor and 3 others. A piece of the shielding of the shuttle cut Victor during the mutation, causing his bio-physical structure to mutate into a organic-metallic being.


The Fantastic FourEdit

Reed Richards a genius physicist came to Victor Von Doom, to try and gain support and funding for an experiment on Cosmic Radiation. Reed believed that these clouds of cosmic radiation trigger evolution, and desired to use the Space Station Von Doom Industries owns to test his theory. After some convincing Victor agreed and the experiment was funded. Reed, Victor, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm and Susan Storm were the team headed up to go to the station. Johnny piloted the shuttle to the station in Earths orbit. On the station they began the experiment, Ben took a spacewalk to prepare the test plants. However Reeds calculations for the storms arrival were off, as the storm arrived earlier than he expected. They barely got Ben inside the airlock before the radiation entered the station and hit Victor and the Fantastic Four.

After returning to Earth, they and Victor developed extraordinary powers. Victor would later discover that the shielding that was supposed to protect the station, in tandem with the radiation mutated his body into a organic-metalic compound, ("stronger than titanium or carbon steel, harder than diamond"). This would be one of the many factors leading to Victor seeking revenge.